Safe and Secure Online Casino Banking

Phone Bill Casino are here to bring you the best casino sites online, but we don’t stop there. For many gamers the option of safe and secure online casino banking is as important as the choice of casino. So with this in mind we’ve pulled together a list of safe online casino sites who offer secure online casino banking.

Within this article we’ll not only bring you two of the best safe payment methods, we’ll also tell you which casinos offer them and where you can find games like phone bill poker. Some even let you bet using your mobile phone credit.

Safe and Secure Online Casino Banking.

Boku Mobile Carrier Billing – Boku offers the ability for you to charge your gaming credit to your mobile phone bill. When you add personal details on your chosen casino, they will refer you through to Boku; who only require your 11-digit mobile number for registration. This is because your mobile phone provider will retain your bank details, thus increasing your financial security.

As you wager, the credit will be added to your contract, simply pay this off when your bill comes through. There is normally a cap on the amount of credit that be added each day initially, but the more you use Boku pay by phone bill for secure banking, the higher the deposit amount.

On top of higher financial security you’ll also be able to manage your deposits much easier, because of the daily credit limits. If all of this sounds simple and easy to use, then that’s because it is!

There is a slight downside though, Boku only allow you to deposit; so if you want to withdraw any winnings, then you’ll need another safe online casino banking method. But being as most offer a mobile casino no deposit bonus, that tends to offset the disappointment a little.

Safe Online Casino Sites Using Mobile Billing;


Paypal – Chances are we’ve all used PayPal at least once, whether it was for an old school eBay purchase or just to simply send cash to a friend. Surprisingly though not many people know that you can use PayPal’s secure banking options at casinos online and on mobile.

PayPal were one of the first online banking methods to utilise safe and secure payments, which is why they are now one of the largest payment handlers in the world. As such they are able to process payments from more financial institutions than any other payment company.

You can make secure online PayPal casino deposits using your debit card, regardless of whether you have a account. Either input your card details as a guest in the safe payment screen, or login and select a pre-approved payment method.

There is also the option to link PayPal to your bank account, you’ll need to do this to make withdrawals. Though there is an extra varication step required before secure payments can be made.

Secure Online Casinos Sites Using PayPal.


There are obviously more depositing methods than this, but with the perfect combination of safe and secure online casino banking; players have everything they need right here! Plus, these mobile casino sites offer incredible gaming, as well as some generous bonuses. So why not try these banking methods out and enjoy the many welcome bonuses along the way?