Landline Casino Payments

As more and more casino and slot sites appear online, we now have access to pretty much any type of gaming on our mobiles and desktop devices. This revolution in online sites also brought with it an array of banking methods, from e-wallets like PayPal to our preferred method Boku. But many players out there don’t realise that there is in fact another option and that is landline casino payments UK.

The millennials and Gen Z’s out there may be wondering what a landline is. But for those of you that remember the good old days, it may shock you that your landline could be used as a banking method for your casino credit. It is a relatively new option and not highly publicised by the casino industry, but we’ve always been eager to tell you about the latest payment choices.

Casino payments by landline became a credible option when providers such as BT made innovative changes to their systems and introduced BT payment technology. Because of the lack of awareness by many casino providers as to this option, there is very little said about it on the sites. It may also be dismissed as a payment option because many people have moved away from even owning a landline. But for the older generation this may be an ideal solution to the ever-growing problem of online financial theft.

landline casino payments onlineWe’re going to delve into what BT landline UK payments are and show you some of our preferred sites who offer this method and some pretty exciting registration bonuses.

Basically, we’ll go into the following areas within this article on UK landline casino payments.

  1. What is landline banking and how do we do it?
  2. Provide a list of our favourite casino and slots who offer Landline payments.
  3. What are the pros and cons of using this type of banking?

UK Casino Sites who Offer Landline Deposit Banking

What is Casino Landline Billing and How Does it Work?

You will already be aware of the rapid increase in online mobile casino gaming. We’ve moved away from our laptop and desktop devices, and this has given us the freedom to play whenever we choose. Add to this the rise in casino customers opting for Boku banking, mainly due to the increased financial security and the ability to balance your credit through the month and pay it off at a later date. All in all, mobile seems to be the way of the future, but there is still landline billing for those of you who like things a little old skool.

Providers such as BT bill, Virgin Media and TalkTalk offer this option to their customers, but we would recommend contacting your provider beforehand to make sure. For many the reason landline payment is appealing is due to the fact that there are no fees unlike other banking methods. You will also find that the processing times are faster and there are increased limits. This creates a great all-round package for the casino and slot gamers out there.

Full disclosure, there are probably better options for banking with your favourite casino than BT landline. But this will completely depend on your preferences and in some cases whether the site even offers that method. E-wallets such as PayPal are incredibly simple to use and only need a few clicks.

Does this mean you should stop reading and go back to your normal payment method? Well, we don’t think so, because using landline banking has its own benefits. The most significant of these is that the landline providers will only work with trusted casino brands.

casinos with landline depositStep-by-step Guide to Landline Slots Payments.

  • Select the Casino or Slot Site – The first step seems pretty obvious, but it is to choose the site you want to play on. We have already assisted you with a fine selection of high-quality choices, but don’t worry we won’t be offended if you already have another. If you don’t pick one of ours then you will need to double check that they accept landline casino payments. There is a variety of reasons a gamer chooses a new site and its not simply about banking methods. You will want to make sure the welcome bonuses, regular promotions, and gaming choice ticks all of your boxes.
  • Sign up and Request Casino Landline Billing – Go onto the main page of the casino and you will find the register button. After you’ve clicked on it you will be required to provide some details such as your email address. This is standard practice and is a requirement of the UK Gambling Commission. Once the personal details are completed then you should be at the section for banking methods. At this point you can choose either landline if they have it, or mobile phone bill payments. By opting for casino payments with landline, you will need to provide two pieces of information. The first is the amount of credit that you wish to add to your account. You should bear in mind that there maybe a maximum and minimum deposit amount which will influence your decision. The second piece of information is the landline number you wish to use. This stage is incredibly similar to the mobile phone banking process, so if you’ve done that before you will find it simple enough. The main difference is that instead of receiving a text to your mobile, you will get a phone call to your landline. This is the section where you will verify this banking option and the best part is that it doesn’t require any financial details. The call is to ensure that the correct person is requesting the payment and that no fraudulent activities have occurred. On the other end of the phone there will be an automated operator, all you have to do is follow the process and authorise the payment. The credit will then be paid into your casino account and you can begin to play. As an additional tip we recommend you remain online until the call is completely finished before you hang up. If you cut the call too soon, then the verification process may not have been completed.
  • Start Spinning those Reels – When the credit is in your account then you can begin playing on the casino site. As previously mentioned, there is a cap on the maximum amount you can credit initially. This is to protect vulnerable players from getting into financial difficulties, but it can be increased over time. Of course you will need to pay for your credit and that will occur when your landline bill arrives. The amounts you have requested will appear in your monthly landline bill from BT, Virgin Media or TalkTalk and you simply pay the provider and not the casino.

The Pros of Casino Deposit Credit on Landline

Fast Transfer – A frustration for many online players is the length of time it takes for monies to be placed into your casino account. It can be anything from a couple of days to a week and all you want to do is play. Phone contract-based payments allow you to receive the credit immediately, once the verification process has occurred.

Increased Financial Security – One of the more concerning issues for us when we have to provide bank details to a casino site is how safe they are. This is why phone bill payments have become as popular as they are. Normally when you sign up to multiple gaming sites, you would need to provide your bank details to each one. But with BT landline banking its as simple as your phone number and this is because you pay your provider. They will already have your bank details from when you pay your monthly landline bills, so this is a one of the most safe and secure casino payment methods.

Easier to Manage Your Gambling Budget – Because you pay for your credit at a later date when the landline bill comes through, you can balance your funds throughout the month. It should be noted that landline banking is not a form of credit card and shouldn’t be used as such. The same as pay by SMS casino payments there is a max limit of £30 per day initially. For some of you it may seem a little on the low side, but it is to protect players who may develop addictions and the amount will increase over time.

bt landline casino sites Cons of Using BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media Landline Payments

Limited Deposit of £30 – We have already covered this slightly within the pro’s section, but it is a con, so we’ve added it in. For players who can manage their budgets and who can afford more than £30, it can be a nuisance. As we’ve already stated it will increase, but if you want to add more credit sooner then you can always opt for another banking method. The issue with this is that it would counteract the benefits of financial security, as you would need to enter your bank details.

Unable to Withdraw Using Landline BT – You may have noticed we have only mentioned crediting your account and that’s because sadly you cannot withdraw using landline billing. Should you win then you will need to provide additional bank details via another billing option. Now this does remove one of the main reasons for using this type of casino billing and yet this and mobile casino billing remain popular with online gamers.

Few Casino’s with Landline Deposit Option – Sadly not all casino sites offer the ability to pay using landline phone contracts. The option for Boku mobile deposits seems to be more popular, probably because landlines are seen to be a dying technology and antiquated. We have noticed though that if the site offers phone bill, then there is a chance they will have landlines too. Or you can choose one of the sites we have recommended above.

Online Casino and Slot Games on Landline UK

Yes, there are fewer casino and slot sites offering banking by landline, in comparison to others such as bank cards. But this doesn’t mean that the ones which do, won’t have a vast amount of games for you to enjoy. The sites we have provided for you combine everything an online gamer could need, including featured slots such as Cleopatra and Gonzo’s Quest, plus table casino, live casino and progressive jackpots. They are ideal for players who are new to online gaming and the more experienced of you out there.

Alternative Banking Options for Casino Gaming

Mobile Casino Deposit – Because the process is so similar to landline deposits, we had to mention the ever-popular pay by mobile phone bill. As previously mentioned, the only difference between the two is that for mobile deposits the verification process is done on your mobile phone. Then any credit is added to your mobile phone bill. An additional benefit is that you can also use prepaid credit for those with top up phones.

Prepaid Cards (Paysafe Card, Neosurf) – Although a popular method of banking, for these options you need to pre-purchase a card and then top it up online. The verification process of any transactions is done using a PIN code and once that is completed the money is transferred. Prepaid cards tend to have maximum limits similar to the phone deposit options, so it is something to be aware of.

E-Wallets or Debit Cards – The majority of online players will use one of these options. The reasons tend to be because the transaction process is quick and there is no fee for some of the e-wallet deposit methods. On top of that you can also withdraw using this method too and it is normally for higher amounts than the prepaid cards.