Cash in Phone Credit

Whilst carrying out research for Phone Bill Casino sites, we stumbled across an ingenious way for Pay As You Go customers to cash in phone credit. This method is particularly handy if you’re swapping to a contract phone and have lots of unused mobile credit. Want to know how to convert phone credit to cash?

cash in phone creditThe method of how to cash in phone credit is so simple, we can’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner. Having used sites like mFortune for several years, we admit we were a bit slow with this one.

Why cash in phone credit?

In order to maintain monthly bundles of text or data, most PAYG networks require you to top up by a minimum amount each month. This usually leads to a ridiculous amount of mobile phone credit accruing in your account. Now customers can cash in phone credit following our simple guide, rather than letting it build up and go to waste.

With an increasing number of casinos and bingo sites accepting phone bill depositing, being able to convert your phone credit to cash has become really easy. To do this an account at a casino that accepts Boku or a payforit casino is required, we have recommended some sites for you to try below.

Simply open an account with one of the casinos below, mFortune for instance; by doing so you’ll automatically qualify for bonus credit with no deposit required. The bonus is a reward for opening your account, this will come in handy when converting phone credit to cash.

Casino sites that convert phone credit to cash.

Net Bet

Fruity King

Boyle Casino

Now here’s the risky bit, you will need to make a deposit using your unused mobile phone credit; your phone payment will show as bonus credit.

In order to cash in phone credit you WILL need to play mobile casino or bingo games, there’s no getting away from that. So if that’s not for you then thank you for reading, good luck converting your phone credit to cash. However if you are raring to go, then keep on reading, as this is where things can get rewarding.

Strategy to cash in pay as you go credit.

We would recommend playing mobile slots with a £20 deposit, this deposit will show as bonus credit. Our research highlighted that amount increases the chances of a better pay-out rate than lower amounts. Playing blackjack at £1 a hand also reduces the risk off big losses. There is also the option to play slots or poker games that accept phone payments.

Every pound you win turns bonus credit in to cold hard cash. The law of averages mean that at some point you will almost always have more than you deposited, this is when you need to try to withdraw. We urge you to resist the temptation of playing on and thinking you could win even more, cash out while you up.

The minimum amount you can usually withdraw is £20, the trick is to withdraw as soon as that amount is available. There’s a small chance you will lose some credit, but surely losing £20 from £80 is better than having to waste the lot on phone calls, texts or data. When you have successfully converted the funds in your account, withdrawals can be made using PayPal or Neteller; which are considered some of the most secure online casino banking options.

The absolute best advice we can give, is to play the games first using a no deposit bonus. This will help in getting used to how they work, improving the chances of being able to cash out.

Don’t Want to Cash in Unused Phone Credit?

It’s completely understandable that some people aren’t interested in cashing in unused pay as you go credit; instead choosing to spending it rather than dwindle it away on pointless texts and calls. So with that in mind, casino games probably aren’t the best option for you.

If you’re just after a bit of fun and dont care whether you win or not, then a phone bill bingo site might be right up your street. For the more daring of you, there’s also the option placing a bet using phone bill credit.